Advieh – Queen of Persian Cuisine

Posted by on November 3, 2013

Advieh - Queen of Persian Cuisine

Persian and Iranian cuisines are some of the world’s most venerable, loved for centuries for the same reasons that Mediterranean and Indian cuisines are so popular in the western world today. Dishes effortlessly combine sweet and savory, with warm, toasted spices, nuts, and dried fruits alongside lamb and braised poultry.

Much as garam masala is essential to Indian cuisine, Advieh is essential to the cuisine of Persia and Iran. Our latest blend creation is a version of this key ingredient–  an exotic combination of multiple varietals of sweet cinnamon, cardamom seed, and roses, grounded by the earthiness of cumin and black peppercorn and finished with a bright pop of Indian coriander. We’ve already whipped up some delectable dishes with Advieh,  Persian-Spiced  Lamb Meatballs and these delicious Walnut Rosewater Wafers. Try one of those recipes or use it to season a roasted leg of lamb, traditional kebabs, or to perfume rice pilafs.

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  1. james willloughby

    The link to Persian Spiced Lamb Meatballs on your page

    goes to a “cannot be found” page. I suspect it just got lost in the editing. I refer to your site almost weekly in my blog and wanted to make sure that others can enjoy your site and excellent spices without hassle.
    Warmest regards and admiration.

    • Holly

      Hi, James – Thank you so much for the heads up and the kind words! We’ve corrected the link. What is the name of your blog? We’d love to check it out.

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    • Sherrie

      Thank you! You can check back on our website – any new blog post will be on the front page. We also include some blog posts in our newsletter. You can sign up for that on our website, as well.

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