Meet the Bloggers

The World Spice crew of spice specialists offer expertise in botany and plant chemistry as well as the culinary arts. It’s a fun group, a spicy group! Read on for more information…

Amanda Bevill, aka Star Anise



Amanda Bevill has a life-long love of plants. As a small girl growing up in the south, she was often introduced as the daughter that was into twigs and stems. One botany degree and years of continued study later, she is responsible for the spice and herb selection we have today.  Ever on the hunt for new exotics or varietals, she’s constantly on the go. When she is in town, she’s often brain-storming and testing new blend recipes to improve our current selections. If she does sit still for more than a moment, it’s to groom, pat, or ride her Rocky Mountain horse, Dewey, or to perfect a cocktail with an interesting spice infusion. One can not say they’ve lived until they’ve tasted an Amanda Bevill Lion’s Tail, lovingly crafted with Indian Coriander-infused bourbon!

Sherrie Hahn, aka Sassy Steak Spice



Sherrie learned to cook at the side of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother in their kitchens. She has always loved to play with food, something that was always encouraged by her mother. After college, and years of working in non-culinary fields, she decided to go to culinary school. She graduated with honors and cooked professionally in Seattle for over a decade, mostly in Mediterranean and Latin restaurants. During that time, she started working at the shop part-time; her knack at experimentation and great understanding of the blending properties of the spices and herbs led her to create several of our proprietary blends. Now full-time in the retail store, after years as our blendmaster, Sherrie loves to share knowledge with others. Her culinary motto to live by is “Life’s too short to eat boring food.”


Holly “Posh Spice” Morris, aka Peppermint



Holly is one of our most prolific bloggers, primarily because she is always around the kitchen, but never actually gets her hands dirty.  An enthusiastic foodie, she counts herself very lucky to have grown up in a family of fine cooks, to work with a group of recovering chefs, and to eat out on a regular basis in Seattle’s amazing food-scape. Responsible for the cookbook selections at the store (among other things), she loves to read up on new recipes for someone else to try. You can often find her overseeing things at our retail location along with Delilah Vanilla Bean, her very capable assistant.

Angelina Jacobson, aka Angelini Porcini



Angelina’s Montessori school report card notes that “Angelina very much enjoys food preparation,” but in truth, she was drawn to professional cooking by the excess of Bob Dylan played in the kitchen and the poor behavior of her colleagues. She spent nine years in the Seattle restaurant and catering scene, and did time at a few private estate gigs. Her primary style is “Northwest,” with a heavy western Mediterranean influence, focused on seasonal products and small, local producers. She strives for balance, in life and in flavor, and enjoys food (and people) with a sense of whimsy. Her signature stamp could be described as “familiar flavors in unfamiliar ways.” When she’s not hawking spice or posting foodie blogs, you can find her pursuing some facet of her other passion, aviation, being mama bear to her rad daughter Harper, or displaying a characteristic lack of regard for her personal safety in any number of outdoor pursuits.

Charles Allan Crum, aka Savory Spice



Allan grew up in northern Wisconsin and started working in a local restaurant at an age that is generally frowned upon by the Department of Labor, cleaning dishes and slinging pizzas for $6.15 per hour. Immediately after high school he high-tailed it to Whitman College in Washington. One job as a cook at a white water kayaking resort later, combined with the desire to impress certain female companions, and young Allan has turned a hobby into an obsession. Now he spends his days helping Seattle decide what to eat for dinner and his nights exploring off-maligned delights of a porcine nature, from head to trotter. Allan is still impressing the ladies, and with his love of game meat (the more unusual the better), we see a bright future for him on a new reality show titled, “Why not? I’ll eat it.”

Robert Charles Russell, aka Oaxacness Monster



Robert was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania and was first introduced to the culinary industry through a series of after school jobs as a busboy, server and bartender. After almost five years of providing high quality service, a developing passion for the foodservice industry drove Robert to enroll in culinary school to discover life on both the other side of the line and the other side of the country at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. An opportunity to take an internship in South Africa lead Robert to trade the world famous wineries of Napa for the emerging wine country of Stellenbosch. After several years of working in hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and wineries in South Africa, Robert returned to the east coast of the United States to work with the Starr Restaurant Group in Philadelphia. Inspired by his brief encounters with the Morimoto kitchen and staff, he traveled to Hawaii where he studied Japanese cuisine at the Waikiki location of the world famous restaurant group Nobu. Robert is thrilled to continue his culinary journey here in the Pacific Northwest; first at The Flying Fish, a celebrated staple of the Seattle restaurant scene then moving to World Spice Merchants’ Professional Division to explore the supply side of the restaurant industry in an ongoing quest to experience and understand all facets of food service.

Kimberley Hiner, aka Candied Ginger



An enthusiastic home cook, happily married for over two decades, busy working mother of two adventurous eaters, Kimberley frequently finds herself juggling many balls with as much dignity and grace as possible. “I find solace in planning, shopping for and preparing our family meals. Filling our home with the delicious aromas of freshly prepared meals brings warmth to my heart and to my family”. Kimberley brings a background of nutrition, herbal medicine, chemistry and a spirited nature to her food. You may see her at any one  of the Farmer’s Markets around Seattle looking for the freshest ingredients for her next food adventure. If you, do, be sure to say “hi” as she will most certainly love to tell you what she is cooking!


Hannah Moon,  aka Sweet Chai



Never far from her mason jar of tea, this girl can be found expertly mixing blends and chatting with chefs in the Professional Division of World Spice. The way to her heart has always been food- the more eclectic and eccentric the better. Born and raised in the northwest, Hannah grew up cooking with her mother using ingredients from their home garden. After graduating with her BFA in photography in 2010 and moving to Seattle, she discovered the amazing local food scene and never misses the Ballard Sunday Market. She is always making friends hungry with photos of her kitchen creations and obsessively documenting her food finds.


Bloggers were encouraged to pick their own nicknames. No feelings were hurt in the publishing of this “Meet the Bloggers” page.