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  1. Stephen CLark

    The Sassy Meatloaf is an awesome recipe. We tried it and it came out great!! We are going to try something my daughter suggested for meatloaf so that it does not come out dense. You purchase some saltine crackers and put one of the tubes of crackers in a meatloaf. The crackers keep the loaf from being too dense. We did find that the bread crumbs make the loaf more dense. The loaf is good when first cooked and also when warmed in a microwave using the settings that warm it on partial power to avoid cooking any further. We used a thermometer that has a remote probe to monitor the internal temperature and that worked out great. The spices on this one were awesome. We really enjoyed it and will have it again. Keep up the good work with the awesome recipes!!

    • Sherrie

      Why, thank you! We love our Sassy Steak Spice on pretty much any type of beef, so it stands to reason it would be perfect in meatloaf. It’s good hot, but also tasty in a sandwich. Glad you like it and the recipe.

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