We Grind To Order, Part 1

Mortar and Pestle

How often do we acquire pre-ground black pepper, or nearly any other spice for that matter?  Never! Our store is bustling with spice merchants grinding spices right when folks order them.

Why do we keep pure spices and our house-made blends whole until you tell us to grind them?  It keeps our spices exceptionally fresh; some especially dedicated spice connoisseurs even prefer to grind their spices in their kitchen, right before adding them to their recipe!  Grinding a spice releases much of it’s great flavor and aroma, but more aroma in the air means less flavor in your food. Grinding spices to order also lets you request a custom grind for certain spices. Need your black pepper extra coarse for a nice steak au poivre? Sure! Need your white pepper really fine so it just disappears into a cream soup? No problem! Want us to crack some fennel for your homemade sausage? You got it!

There are many different ways to grind your spices at home. A mortar and pestle works well for most things if you don’t mind your final product being a little coarse. An electric blade grinder works for a finer grind.  Some folks even have their coffee grinders pulling double duty.  Don’t want your spices to taste like coffee?  Easy, simply grind rice or stale bread to clear out the leftover flavors.  If, like me, you’ve encountered a couple of groggy mornings making curry coffee, you may want to keep a separate grinder for coffee and spices.

So go ahead and start grinding your own spices at home, there’s a reason those fancy restaurants offer you freshly ground black pepper on your soup or salad – it tastes better freshly ground!   If you kitchen is void of a grinder, take advantage of our low purchase minimums and rest assured that all of your spices will be ground to order. Check out Part 2, where I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at how we grind as much as 200 pounds of spice in a day at our professional division.


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