Grandma’s Swedish Cardamom Bread

This holiday treat comes to us from our friend Erica,who graciously agreed to share her family recipe with the blog. The bread it makes is rich and sweet, with the cardamom and orange zest adding just the right amount of spicy flavor. We’ll leave it to her to talk about the history…

From Erica: My Swedish Grandma, Esther Priscilla Wiberg, passed this recipe onto my mother who passed it on to me. I make it every Christmas as a braided wreath, adorned with Holly leaves and berries secured with a red velveteen ribbon. My friends and neighbors pay homage to Grandma Esther every holiday by devouring a slice of homemade bread with butter or homemade cranberry sauce. Last year, after moving to Montana, my husband and I delivered the bread to our new neighbors via horseback through the snow.


  1. Tish says:

    This looks amazing! I so want to try the recipe but have questions. What size cast iron skillet was used for the ring in the photo? Did that ring use both braids? What was used in the skillet to maintain the ring’s shape? Do you suggest using something to maintain the ring shape if cooking the braids on a cookie sheet?

    • Jamie says:

      I used a 10inch cast iron skillet and I did use both braids. I used the skillet to ensure a perfect ring shape. In the middle of the braid I used a stainless steel circle cookie cutter that I pan sprayed for easy release. It was 3inches wide. I have free formed the wreath in the past with success BUT in any flaws in the braids will be a lot more visible once baked.

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