Montreal Steak & Chop Mini Green Pies

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Paying homage to the Canadian province where the blend originated, Montreal Steak & Chop showcases both the French flair for deft seasoning, and the British love of beef. While usually associated with steak, we tried the blend in these vegetarian mini pies, with thrilling results.

Perfect for appetizers, brunch or to have alongside a bowl of soup, these little pies are hearty, but not too heavy. Even the most specialized of spice blend can have hidden layers of versatility, and here the Montreal Steak & Chop lends its rich flavor to an entirely vegetarian dish. Bon appétit!


  1. Deborah says:

    Beautiful! Such a gracious acknowledgement of the two cultures in one simple action. Thank you, from a Western Canadian who has experienced the exquisite difference of la belle province!

  2. Laverne Smith says:

    Oh, Kimberley, I have the most beautiful arugula growing in deep pots on my front porch.
    will be leaving in 3 days for almost 2 weeks so asking my Yoga group to come and take some home. Will print this out and try to make when I return. Great idea with the French
    version. Even got Goethe in your blog. Impressed me all to heck. yo mum

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