Chicken Nigella Caesar Pasta Salad

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“What’s good on chicken?” Being salad season, our Nigella Caesar has been my go to answer lately, and for good reason! It makes chicken breast juicy and brown nicely. It’s also a delicious sprinkle and makes such an easy homemade dressing, only needing water and oil. This dressing is awesome to have on hand, not just for a twist on a traditional Caesar salad, but also as a marinade and sauce. In this recipe, it gets used both ways — to marinate our chicken and to coat the pasta salad. We used some summer staples like fresh tomatoes, cucumber and arugula to bring it all together. We also dabbled with some lentil gluten-free pasta for some extra protein, but feel free to use your own favorite pasta. Enjoy this salad warm or as cold leftovers, if you have any! 😉

Get the Spice (Nigella Caesar)

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