Magnolia Oolong Vodka

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With my first whiff of Magnolia Oolong, I knew it was destined to be on my bar cart. Its fragrance is the essence of spring, supported by the underlying familiar smell of vegetal green tea. At first, the bartender in me wanted to pull out all the stops and make a fancy cocktail with lots of components. But after infusing this tea into vodka, it was clear nothing more was needed. Some things are best kept simple. Vodka soda with lemon is refreshing and doesn’t disappoint so it was the perfect choice, and when you make it with this infused spirit the glass will over promise and deliver refreshment with little effort. Like most boozy infusions there is a wait time. For 2 weeks I tapped my toes and occasionally shook the elixir -in-progress on my counter. The rolled oolong leaves unfurled beautifully!  This Magnolia Vodka is a great gift for the flower lover in your life or nice to raise a glass for any celebration. Cheers!

Two other teas that would be wonderful to use with this method would be Jasmine Pearl or Earl Grey. The headiness of Jasmine Pearl will make a light, refreshing beverage, while the bergamot and floral notes in Earl Grey will make a satisfying and aromatic one.



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