Pakistani Curry S’mores with Toasted Cumin Marshmallows

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smore pakistaniThese S’mores add a global flavor twist to an old favorite. The hints of savory complement the sweet with mild Pakistani Curry in the graham cracker and toasted cumin in the marshmallow. They smell amazing and are a great activity around a camp fire. Charring and roasting the marshmallows brings out the toasted cumin flavor. If the outdoors aren’t your thing you can achieve the same result at home using a blow torch to impress your friends.These marshmallows work with more than S’mores, use them to top your favorite cocoa or mocha, or even sweet potato casserole. This unique spin on marshmallows is fragrant, slightly savory and will add depth of flavor to your favorite recipes.The staff favorite used orange dark chocolate in the S’mores but the possibilities are endless. Once you master the toasted cumin marshmallow and Pakistani Curry graham crackers you will be able to substitute them in all your favorite treats.




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