Sweet Tea Moon Pies

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Moon Pie on SlateGet ready to celebrate Pie Day on 3.14 with Sweet Tea Moon Pies! Inspired by our Southern roots, this recipe is steeped in childhood nostalgia. For those of you who’ve never had the pleasure, Moon Pies are a graham cracker cookie sandwich, filled with marshmallow, and dipped in chocolate. What more could one ask for? This treat is heaven for any sweet tooth and has been a down home signature treat since 1917. The thin layer of chocolate on the outside gives a satisfying bite and quickly melts in your mouth, making this palm sized treat even more delightful. Of course we wanted to try our hand at Moon Pies from scratch because they are such a tempting flavor canvas. For this batch, we added lemon zest to the cookie and flavored the marshmallow fluff with Irish Breakfast Tea, giving the Moon Pies the bold malty flavor of a Southern sweet tea with a twist.

Moon Pie Cookie

The first step is making the cookies. Whole wheat flour creates the perfect texture for the cookie, and the dough is so forgiving! You can cut them out large or small. The large size is true to the boxed variety and lives up to the “treat as big as the moon” tagline. The outer ring of a wide mouthed canning jar works well if you don’t have a cookie cutter that is big enough. Be sure to cool the cookies completely before piping in the marshmallow fluff.

Moon Pie Undipped

Making the fluff is sticky business! Watch the consistency as it is coming together in the mixer, the longer you mix it the stiffer the fluff will become. Generously pipe the marshmallow fluff, but leave a small lip exposed on the rim. Once the top cookie gets added, the marshmallow will evenly distribute.

You can make the Moon Pies fat and rustic or thin and chic. Either way, put a quick chill on the assembled sandwiches before dunking in the chocolate ensures that they hold together well. The svelte size are easier to dip, whereas the larger ones present a bit more of a challenge. Our recipe makes plenty of dipping chocolate so you’ll be covered for either size. We found that rolling the sides of the large pies, like a wheel, helped get the melted chocolate where it needs to go. Then tip them down on each side before removing from the chocolate.

Moon Pie

Moon Pie serving

Inspired FlavorsNow that we’ve got the hang of it, we’ll be making more Moon Pies and sky’s the limit on flavors. The tea takes a bit of the edge off the sweetness in the fluff and you could switch it up with Northwest Tea Time for smoky flavor or Earl Grey and Lavender for a spot of the British flavor.

Irish Breakfast


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