Banana Fritters with Voatsiperyfery Sugar

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Malagasy RainforestBanana Fritters are an indulgent treat and the perfect flavor canvas for a sprinkle of voatsiperifery sugar. A wild, single origin pepper from the rainforest of Madagascar, voatsaperifery is aromatic and floral on the nose, with a robust pepper flavor on the palate. The scent is like walking in a piney rainforest full of jungle flowers. We crushed the peppercorns in a mortar and combined them with granulated sugar to make this flavorful sprinkling sugar. Sweet and peppery at the same time, this sugar compliments the Banana Fritters like nothing else could.Banana Fritters Voatsiperyfery Mis

Inspired by Hawa Hassan’s Mofo Akondro (Banana Fritters) from “Bibi’s Kitchen” cookbook, this nut-free and grain free recipe comes together quickly and is suspiciously easy! Just dip the banana slices in the batter and pop them in a pot of hot oil. The splatter is worth the effort.

Banana Fritter with Voatsaperifery Sugar

Truth? It was hard to collect this many fritters for a photo- we had to make a second batch! Crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside the flavors are all intensified in the frier and the pairing of banana + voatsiperyfery is  meant to be. Serve along side fresh tropical fruit or with vanilla ice cream and enjoy the flavors of Madagascar.

Your purchase of voatsiperifery directly supports the conservation and restoration of the Malagasy rainforest via the Phoenix Conservancy. Their mission is to restore endangered ecosystems for the benefit of the communities that depend on them and for the conservation of biodiversity. In Madagascar, they are using voatsiperifery and other native species to develop a sustainable, locally-led agroforestry economy to empower rural communities, incentivize restoration of rainforest in perpetuity, and improve their living standards in the region.Get the Spice- Voatsiperifery

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