Garden-Veggie Focaccia

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Garden focaccia

Garden-Veggie Focaccia is fun to make and a tabletop stunner. Both rewarding and forgiving, this recipe bakes up spongy on the inside with a crispy cheese crust. The secret to getting the top layer golden brown is our Nigella Caesar blend. It has all of the savory flavors of Caesar salad that go perfectly with the generous amount of olive oil and parmesan cheese in the focaccia. You can bake this in a deeper pan for sandwiches or a more shallow pan to cut out the perfect bread sticks. Have fun and use your imagination to decorate! Excited for Spring’s arrival, I stuck to a flower theme using peppers, asparagus and purple onion as my mosaic pieces. Playing with your food has never been so pretty.

No fancy kneading techniques, pan or oven are needed to make this bread, but plan ahead to give the dough time to rise. The final one hour rest the focaccia gets in the pan before baking is crucial to success. The dough firms up and develops air bubbles inside that gives it that signature chewy texture. In the meantime, gather the veggies and prepare to decorate your masterpiece!

Cutting the bottoms off of sweet bell peppers make the perfect flower shape to build your garden landscape and the purple onions are a dramatic sky.

We’ll be revisiting this recipe for special occasions- and even pizza night! Just cut off a square and enjoy it along with your favorite soup, salad or marinara sauce. If you want a little more garlic flavor, melt some butter and stir in some Garlic Salt and brush the top of the freshly baked focaccia.

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