Pumpkin Seed Dip with Yucatan Rojo Spiced Oil

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This traditional Yucatan dip, known as Sikil Pak, is made from a base of ground pumpkin seeds, or pepitas. On it’s own, it has a fresh, creamy, nutty taste, lighter in flavor but similar in texture to a traditional hummus dip. But when drizzled with our Yucatan Rojo spiced oil, something magical happens. Each bite offers a contrast in flavors, with the earthy Rojo spiced oil adding a vivid contrast to the mellowness of the pepitas, elevating this Mexican party dish to a whole new level. This dip whips up in a jiffy, especially if you use pre-salted and roasted pepitas, though you can opt to toast your own. Serve it with crackers or tortilla chips, along with fresh crudites such as sliced jicama, carrots, snap peas and green pepper strips for an inventive alternative at your next barbeque or potluck. The spiced oil also makes a great topping when drizzled on fish tacos, scrambled eggs, burgers, pizza, or just about anything else you can think of.

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