Smoked Brined Trout

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Trout is such an underrated fish. It’s hardly fishy and has such a mild, delicate flavor. This makes it perfect for our brine. Our Northwest Forest Brine is forward with spices like juniper, California bay leaf, and fennel; infusing the flaky trout from the inside and out. As if this flavor bomb wasn’t enough, we heat-smoked the trout to make it really taste like the Cascade Mountains. This brine does more than keep our trout juicy, it also helps preserve it making it a delicacy, hot or cold.

Feel free to use any fresh trout available in your area. We always suggest buying local, the fresher the better!

For a tasty salad we dressed the trout in a sour cream-Lemon Herb Pepper dressing. Then we added it atop a mound of peppery arugula for a complete meal. Enjoy it on toast with some thinly sliced radishes!

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  1. Lela Hilton says:

    Could you do the same thing with salmon or cod?

    • Jamie says:

      I’ve never done a fatty fish like salmon but I think the brine and smoke would compliment the flavor nicely. As for a white flaky fish I would shorten the brine time by a half hour, since its normally purchased without the skin. I fear that the brine would over tenderize a delicate fish like cod.

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