Tabil Plantain Chips

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At the shop, we are frequently asked, “what spice is underrated?” The Tunisian blend Tabil, is our go-to answer. It’s a simple blend consisting of caraway, garlic, chile flakes, and coriander. All of the spices get toasted to bring out their nutty, umami notes. We took green (under ripened) plantains to another level by thinly slicing, then frying them until crispy. Once done, we added a mixture of Tabil, salt and a little bit of brown sugar. This snack is addictive and full of flavor. These are delicious with a dip like hummus or as a crunchy topping on rice and beans or a salad. Have fun playing with this blend –  it’s bold, savory flavor has found its way into most of our daily staples.

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