Vegan Cardamom Strawberry Creamsicles

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Vegan Cardamom Strawberry Popsicles

As the summer heats up, it’s nice to have some cold treats on hand to keep you cool. These strawberry creamsicles are fruity and sweet, with just a hint of floral flavor. This taste of summer vacation is vegan, so they can be enjoyed by all.

Fresh strawberries do the heavy lifting in this recipe, with coconut milk and cashews teaming up to keep the cold treats creamy. Their addition makes the strawberry base almost like custard. Cardamom, commonly used in both coconut curries and fruity pastries, brings the flavors together with a delightful twist.

Vegan Cardamom Strawberry Popsicles

Have any leftover cardamom and strawberries? Check out these Pink Pepper Cardamom Bars!

Get the Spice (Cardamom Seed)

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  1. Carmen says:

    I’m assuming the 1/2c of sugar goes in with the strawberries in step one?

  2. marie K kinneary says:

    could I used honey or agave nectar or something else if I want to avoid corn syrup?

    • Jamie says:

      Hello Marie,
      Yes! go for it :). Honey or agave would be a great substitute. I avoided honey to keep the creamsicles vegan and the agave to keep the flavors more neutral.

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