Blackberry-Poultry Rub Jam Grilled Cheese

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When blackberries are in season they pop up everywhere. This year, in lieu of the usual pies and pastries, we decided to make something savory with these juicy berries. The result? Blackberry jam spruced up with our Poultry Rub seasoning. Don’t let the name fool you, because this blend has a perfect medley of herbs to complement the star ingredient. Rosemary, thyme and sage work together to balance the sweet and  of the blackberries while adding a subtle earthiness.

We tested out our creation as a spread for grilled cheese, and it passed with flying colors. It’s sweet, salty, crispy and fruity. Muenster and Swiss cheese combine for a perfect blend of melty nuttiness to pair with the jam.  This sandwich is great for an indulgent lunch, and a miniature version would make a decadent appetizer around the holidays.

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