Rocky Mountain Pork Loin & Savory Applesauce

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Rocky Mountain Pork LoinEarly Fall harvest provides a perfect menu to highlight our new Rocky Mountain Rub. Toasted juniper with notes of citrus and pine combine with oregano and savory, black pepper and allspice to give a taste of the mountain high country. Rubbed on pork tenderloin and served on a bed of vinegar-massaged kale and savory applesauce, it makes a hearty meal that is light enough for early fall days. It still hints at summer. The applesauce is a show stopper in its own right, seasoned with brown butter and Poultry Rub. The batch we made for this recipe is pretty big thanks to an abundance of apples in our orchard, and it can be canned to last. If you don’t have the volume, just pare it down to make enough for this delightful meal. A quick saute of crispy leeks with butter and Rocky Mountain Rub is the perfect garnish.

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  1. Connie S. from Eugene says:

    This is an absolutely fantastic dish! I don’t ever follow recipes exactly, but made this close enough to the recipe to post a comment. I’m not usually inclined to use applesauce in recipes since I assume it would be sweet, but this sauce was amazing. The flavor layering of the dish was excellent. Thank you!

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