Chimichurri Flank Steak

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Our Chimichurri Spice combines a whole lot of flavors: the almost apricot flavor of aji mirasol chiles, the peppery sweetness of guajillo and New Mexico chiles, and the earthiness of oregano, cumin and bay. Together, they’re an ideal flavor base to make Chimichurri sauce. Just mix it with lots of fresh herbs, citrus, plenty of garlic, vinegar and oil. You’ll have a sassy sauce that begs to be put on…..everything!

When used as a marinade, the grill fire tames the acidity of the vinegar, enhances the sweetness of the citrus, and intensifies the heat of the chiles. Use another drizzle of sauce to make any cut of meat, beef especially, perfectly balanced. Chimichurri gives that sweet-tart-spicy-meaty union that screams “summer food” the world over. The flavors of this sauce meld together over time, so keep some in the fridge all summer long.

You can vary the selection and proportion of herbs in this recipe in so many fun and tasty ways. Increase the herbs for a thicker consistency to use for dipping and topping or play with oregano, marjoram or whatever is fresh in your market or garden.

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  1. Andy says:

    Wow, what a fantastic Christmas dinner! We marinated a Caribou roast over night, wrapped it in bacon (the Caribou is very lean, and the bacon helps to prevent the Caribou from drying out), and roasted in the oven. Yummy!

  2. Cathy Elis says:

    Wow! And WOW! Made this tonight for a former professional Chef! She was impressed! Am going to play with the rest of the Chimichurri slurry (lot’s left over) with chicken! Please try, cause is AMAZING!

    Next…am going to try Chicken Gumbo as we go into Fall!

    Thanks World Spice and Silk Road Diary! You are my inspiration and confidence!

    • Sherrie says:

      We love our Chimichurri Sauce recipe, too! It works very well as a marinade for chicken, pork or flank steak, as well as veggies (we did some corn on the cob, zucchini & red onion with it…amazing!!). We’ve also been known to just pour some of the Chimichurri Sauce over rice and eat it. And you’ll love the Chicken Gumbo recipe, too. We got it from a Louisiana boy who had a little coffee shop across from our shop. It gets raves from people, too.) We’ve got more recipes coming, so keep an eye out.

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