Israeli Za’atar Fritatta

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This recipes takes about 3 minutes and only dirties a couple dishes. Through out the year this recipe evolves with whatever is in season and whatever veggies I have in my fridge. The foundation is always a light spritz of olive oil on my plate, eggs and a 2 minute cook. Once my eggs are 3/4ths of the way cooked, I load them up with veggies such as leftover tomato sauce and arugula. I finish the open faced omelet for another minute in the microwave and give my frittata a generous sprinkle of whatever spice I’m craving. Here I used our Israeli Za’atar that has toasted sesame seeds, dill, oregano and sumac for a kick of tartness. Surprise your family with a perfectly cooked frittata that took as long as making your cup of joe.


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