Pacific Salmon Cure

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Salmon BoardWelcome Spring! The first salmon runs are just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than a grazing board with cured Sockeye salmon as the centerpiece. Don’t fear the cure! If you’ve not tried this technique, it is a delightfully easy and elegant way to enjoy a generous side of salmon. Most of the process is a waiting game and takes up some space in the refrigerator, but after 2-3 days you have a beautiful side of cured salmon. If you want to go all out, finish the side with a touch of cedar cold smoke.

Our Pacific Salmon Cure is an homage to the bright, simple seasonings that allow the flavors of the Pacific Northwest to shine in their own right. A touch of sweet with nutmeg, a touch of heat with chili flakes and a sprinkle of aromatic California bay leaves is all that is needed. That also means it is a ready palate that you can customize to suit your taste, adding fresh herbs or citrus as desired.


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  1. Martha F Katz says:

    Would this spice blend and method of curing work for Steelhead trout? We enjoy your spice blends and recipes!

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