Sticky Tamarind Salmon

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Here’s a stunning, fresh new recipe for your next side of salmon. The sticky tamarind glaze is layered with flavor – toasted cumin for nuttiness and Limón-Chile for a touch of heat. This glaze comes together quickly and gets brushed on the salmon both before and after cooking. The fish is started on the stovetop and finished in the oven to create the perfect texture. Spoon a generous measure of glaze over the top to finish the salmon with cilantro and orange zest. Accompany this salmon with rice or turn it into a sweet and sour fish taco. There’s a fusion of flavors on this platter that will become a favorite.



  1. Julie Sanders says:

    I am excited to try this recipe with your Limon-chile. Where can I find tamarind puree in the Seattle area?

    • Jamie says:

      Any Asian grocery store would have some, and maybe even Whole Foods or Metropolitan Market. Definitely worth having some on hand for various dishes…or cocktails.

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