Cranberry Quince Paste

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This magical combination brings quince into the spotlight and adds a new level of flavor to the cranberries on your holiday table. Quince is a fanciful fruit, with a bright aroma and a taste of ripe pear and key lime. Ripe quince can be found in Seattle backyards around the early fall. Finding them frozen at a Latin or Asian grocery store is another option too.

The key to success is reducing the quince and cranberry paste far enough that the pectin found in the quince will gel up and keep its shape when cooled. This paste will taste nostalgic to those who like the solid sauce, but far from the canned variety you had as a kid. It’ll be sharp enough to cut any rich side dishes but also be warm and sweet from the cinnamon and star anise found in the Mulling Spice.

If you’re unable to find quince, pear with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice will be a good substitute. As the sauce reduces it should cook down thick enough that when you scrape the bottom of the pan with a spoon the jam won’t immediately fill in the space again.

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  1. Jodi says:

    No need to peel quince or run through a food mill?

    • Jamie says:

      Peeling the quince is optional. The ones we used were pretty bruised, so I peeled them. Both ways will result in successful quince paste.

  2. Jodi J says:

    Thanks for your response! I chose to peel them (mine were also quite ripe and bruised) and made the recipe with stellar results and rave reviews from tasters.

    Thanks for the recipe. I LOVE everything World Spice.

    Be well,

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