Lavender Blueberry Handpies

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Turnovers, or hand pies, are great for a picnic dessert or breakfast pastry. These delicious pocket pies, stuffed with fruity filling, offer creative bakers a great opportunity to showcase striking flavor combinations. For these we chose blueberry and lavender. Because there is no cutting or pre-cooking involved, blueberries are our go-to fruit for making hand pies. Here, we simply tossed them in brown sugar and lavender to make a jammy floral filling. For a bit of decadence, there’s cream cheese and lemon to make the rest of the flavors pop. The soft floral notes of lavender are the perfect complement to blueberries and are a wonderful flavor for spring, but it is easy to over-do. Try a little bit of the filling during prep and gauge how strong the lavender flavor is and adjust to taste.

For easy handling and a fast clean up roll the pie crust between two pieces of parchment paper using a rolling pin. If the dough gets too warm and hard to handle, lay the dough with parchment on a sheet tray and pop it in the fridge. After 5-10 minutes continue cutting our rounds and filling. The rolled pie crust can be cut and made the day before.

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