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Paradise-sodaTart and tangy rhubarb has a fruity aftertaste that you would expect from candy, so we combined it with ambrosial Grains of Paradise. The spice is peppery and spicy like ginger, although it has a floral quality that keeps evolving. The smell of Grains of Paradise will remind you of cardamom. The flavors combined make for an uplifting and tasty summer beverage.

If you grow rhubarb, you know how enormous it gets. You get to the point where you don’t know what to do with it! The red rhubarb stems are most desirable for baking, mostly because the color. However infusing the green stems and adding a couple raspberries will result in a beautiful rosy gin. Mix this gin with soda water for an easy summer cocktail that will have people asking what the secret ingredient is. Tastes like magic!

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