Nigella Caesar Artichoke Toast

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Now that I sling spices instead of hash, it is nostalgic to look at old recipes from my professional chef days. This recipe and I go waaay back and it remains a brunch favorite. Over time, it has evolved into a slightly healthier version. Our vegan Nigella Caesar blend brings all the flavor of a classic Caesar dressing, without the extra egg. Nutty nigella seeds add crunch and bring the umami along with Worcestershire powder and garlic. These bold flavors pair perfectly with the leeks and artichoke hearts in the spread. This makes a delightful topping for toast or flat bread. For added brunch magic, we garnished the toast with a kale Caesar salad and a poached egg. Finish it off with a sprinkle of black lava salt for crunch and enjoy! 😊  

Homemaking dressings are one of the easiest ways to really kick a salad recipe up a notch. They’re also a great way to make dressings fit dietary restrictions. Our Salad Days four-jar set is a perfect spice and seasoning collection to make homemade dressings or sprinklings for your next salads!

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