Irish Rarebit

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Irish Rarebit SmorgasbordWhat is Rarebit anyway? Think beer and cheese fondue on toast. A perfect snack for a St. Patrick’s Day buffet, this Irish twist on a classic is boldly spiced with mustard and Worcestershire powders, and of course a spot of Guinness. Rye bread gives the toast a stand-up flavor of earthy caraway and molasses.

Irish rarebit melty cheese potGenerously ladle the beer and cheese mixture onto the toast. Truth? Some people stop there. In some kitchens rarebit is served as a cheesy sauce over toast, but we like it hot! So, toss it under the broiler for a few minutes. You won’t be sorry. The cheesy goodness will seep into the toast and top of will blister under the broiler, creating  a delightful  crust.Irish Rarebit in Oven

Hot out of the oven, add a crack of Smoked Black Pepper and a sprinkle of green parsley for the finish.  Serve while hot and keep the rounds coming for a parade of flavor. Happy St.  Paddy’s Day!Irish Rarebit Macro


Inspired Flavors for Rarebit

The rarebit sauce can showcase all kinds of bold flavors and makes a great party toast for all kinds of occasions. Try it with Svaneti Salt if you like caraway and coriander or Voodoo for a taste of the Big Easy.

A simple sprinkle of Paprika or Smoked Paprika. is another tasty way to go.

Irish rarebit Ingredients

The base ingredients are simple and you may already have them in your pantry. Our local Tilllamook Extra Sharp Cheddar was a winner with the Guiness!

Smoked Black Pepper

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