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Happy Nog Season! Eggnog is traditional this time of year, and spicing the custard with our Pink Chai came naturally. Full of holiday favorites like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, it’s a fresh and welcome twist for this favorite drink. The rose, rooibos and pink peppercorns add a floral sweet finish and the festive pop of color on top completes the drink. One sip of this frothy delight will put anyone in a holiday spirit.Pink Chai

Thick and creamy, our Pink Chai Nog is made with cooked custard so it has a longer shelf life than the raw version and that also makes it booze-optional.  A cooked custard makes for a thicker nog and you can adjust the consistency to suit your taste with an extra splash milk or preferred alcohol. We added a splash of local bourbon from our friends at Oola Distillery. Give it a quick stir with a cassia stick and holiday garnishing will be a breeze. The warm spices of chai lend themselves to all sorts of holiday applications. Once made, think outside the nog and experiment. Use it to sweeten up your coffee or try drizzling it over bread pudding. This velvety sweet cream deserves to be poured all over festive favorites.

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