Beet Pappardelle with Herbes de Provence

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Use your extra hour of daylight savings time to make pasta from scratch! It is a labor of love, and what’s not to love about hand made pappardelle. These wide, fat noodles are not fussy. Just fold the pasta sheets like an accordion and slice off the strips. For a little extra love, we’ve added beet powder to the pasta dough for delightful color and a hint of earthy sweetness. This vibrant powder is so user friendly compared to fresh beets! You can get the delightful color and flavor without the beet-bloodbath that comes from the fresh vegetable, and without the extra water in the pasta dough, it is less finicky.

To further embrace spring flavors, we tossed the noodles in a light sauce with Herbes de Provence. The taste of garden herbs like tarragon and thyme, pair perfectly with caramelized fennel and garlic for an aromatic sauce. Garnish your mound of pasta with some crumbly sheep’s milk cheese for some tang that compliments the earthy beet noodles and bright spring flavors.

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