Sunflower Cascade Mushroom Pesto

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Pesto is a powerhouse of a sauce! The intensity of flavor and thick texture make it a versatile favorite and there are so many spring greens you can include. Inspired by the farmers market and the spice cabinet, we created this rustic version with sunflower seeds, spring ramps and our Cascade Mushroom Mix. Ramps are small, wild-growing onions that combine beautifully with the Cascade Mushroom Mix for an ultra-umami flavor. The texture of this pesto nicely coats pasta or spreads on bread. Make a big batch and freeze some to enjoy this bright spring flavor all year long.

In the event ramps aren’t available, try it with scallions, leeks or garlic scapes. Blanched nettles are another great option. You can also swap out the parmesan for manchego cheese.

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