Absinthe Long Pepper Angel Food Cake

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It’s time to celebrate Absinthe Day! The illustrious Parisian liqueur is noted for its exotic spicing and hallucinogenic effect, but instead of concocting a deadly drink we’ve decided to make a cake! More user friendly. Angel food cake makes an ideal sponge for the warm herbal-anise flavor of absinthe. To take it over the top, we added long pepper to elevate the mind-bending flavor. This exotic Balinese pepper tastes a little bit like cardamom and ginger, with a floral top note. This rustic cake is full of flavor and a heavenly texture. For toppings we chose a citrus salad with clove simple syrup along with a dollop of whipped cream for an enchanting bite. So enjoy this magical cake to celebrate Absinthe Day and if you have a nip on the side, we won’t tell….

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  1. Teresa M Weaver says:

    Won’t this be inedible with 6 whole peppercorns ground into it? A measure of ground pepper in tsp would be better

    • Jamie says:

      6 long peppers ground equal to 2 teaspoons worth. Long pepper is floral and has hints of ginger and cardamom to stand up to the absinth in the cake. It does not have the sharpness of black peppercorns.

  2. Donna says:

    Would a commercial angel food cake mix, absinthe and ground long pepper work for the cake?

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