Abuelo’s Rabbit Paella

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I had the pleasure of making this paella along with my friend Maria. She immigrated here from Madrid and while making this for me, she was beaming with nostalgia. She told me how her grandpa, Cristobal, took great pride in making paella outdoors in the hot Spanish summers. This Valencia-styled paella is made with saffron, smoky sweet paprika, rabbit, and chicken. One of my favorite parts were the large creamy beans and nutty artichoke pieces. The rabbit gets tender while cooking and is similar in texture and flavor to chicken. We’re a long ways from Valencia, but I would like to think this dish tasted like a summer vacation in Spain.

Paella is a traditional, one-pan dish from Spain. The meats and vegetables used varies from region to region but all keep the signature saffron infused rice as the base. This type of recipe, paella valenciana, is hundreds of years old and comes from the paella birthplace, Valencia.

A big thanks to Maria O’Connor who taught me her ways and her grandfather Cristobal Nebot for passing down this wonderful dish.

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