Adobo Chicken with Huacatay Salsa Verde

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Huacatay Chicken

As spice merchants, it’s not every day we get to try a flavor wholly new. Many of our wares have been circling the globe since the age of discovery and while we never tire of new recipes and combinations, a new singular flavor is rare. Enter Huacatay. Notoriously hard to find in North America, we were thrilled to source this South American herb, organically grown on a small farm right here in the states. Also known as black mint, the flavor is smooth and mild, grassy, floral and modestly minty.

For our first date with Huacatay, we chose to go traditional with a green salsa verde on Adobo chicken. The recipe did not disappoint! It’s an easy sheet pan supper with unique flavor pairings. For the salsa, we began by sweating down the vegetables to bloom the flavors, and then puréed them with huacatay and fruity Aji Mirasol. chiles, another South American signature flavor. The combination with the huacatay was spot on with both flavors there to appreciate without either dominating.

The Adobo chicken and zucchini made a receptive canvas for the salsa, and the simplicity and even cooking of a spatchcocked bird made it an easy win. Adobo is a classic all purpose Latin seasoning with onion, garlic, cumin, orange, pepper and oregano. We added zucchini to the sheet pan midway through the cooking time and it soaked up the flavors of both the Adobo in the pan and the salsa on the plate. We look forward to trying the salsa verde on potatoes and ceviche too. Welcome to the pantry, Huacatay!

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