Tamale Soup

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Tamale Soup

Who can resist a tamale dumpling? Not us! Inspired by Rick Bayless’s Chipotle Beans with Masa “Gnocchi” we decided to give these little cuties a spice makeover and pop them into a belly warming chicken soup. We dubbed it Tamale Soup after the first bite because it has all the goodness of a tamale, but in soup form. It is a hearty crowd pleasing soup with bold flavors, perfect for game day or family get togethers. Slow cooked chicken thighs with plenty of our Adobo spice made a savory base for the little masa dumplings. We infused the dough with a healthy measure of our Chorizo Bomb for a big bite of flavor, and just like tamales, you can’t take just one bite!


Play with your soup!

We can’t wait to try all kinds of spice blends in these tamale dumplings! How about Sassy Steak Spice for tamale dumplings in beef stew or Mole Ole spice for tamale dumplings in black bean chili. So many options! Serve Tamale Soup over spinach or hearty greens for another layer of goodness.

Still need more soup in your life? Check out these recipes for Grains of Paradise Peanut Soup and Roasted Cauliflower Soup.


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