Southwest Pumpkin Soup

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Southwest Pumpkin SoupThis southwest pumpkin soup is a delicious fall treat, perfectly spiced with warm heat from our Chorizo Bomb. Sultry smoke from our perennial favorite, smoked paprika, rounds out the taste. Cooking your own pumpkin for this recipe is really easy, but the canned pureé works fine as well. Serve it up with crusty bread and a nice porter or stout and you’ve got an instant Oktoberfest!

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  1. This recipe seems delicious. I just love the taste of pumpkin but the combination with pear must be amazing! I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Exquisite taste indeed. Tried this recipe with pear and apples – love them both ways. Thanks for sharing this splendid recipe!

  3. RonB says:

    Ok… Sounds great. However… What size cans of purée?

  4. susanne says:

    how can u substitute beer?

    • Sherrie says:

      You can substitute some of the chicken stock with beer. It will change the flavor slightly, but should be delicious!

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