Arabic Chicken Kabsa

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Kabsa is thought of as the national dish of many Arab states. Consisting of rice, meat, spices and often vegetables, all the ingredients in Kabsa are traditionally cooked in a single pot. The protein often varies by region, and can include beef, goat, or even camel. Chicken is among the most common, though, and it’s what we’ve stuck to here. We’ll save the camel for next time.

The spices are the star of the show in these Middle Eastern dishes, which use varied seasonings to create wide arrays of amazing flavor. Black lemon, or loomi, makes this simple chicken and rice version a standout. We toast the spices and pan seared chicken thighs to enrich the broth for the rice. The resulting Kabsa has many layers of flavor and makes an amazing one-pot dinner for a large group or family!

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