Bulgogi Orange Chicken

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Orange Chicken BulgogiBulgogi Orange Chicken is a sweet taste of Asian fusion combining classic Chinese orange chicken with our Korean inspired Bulgogi Spice. It’s a sweet dish that heat lovers can always fire up at the table with a sprinkle of Rooster Spice, Korean Chile or the hot sauce of their choosing. The satisfying shell of sticky sauce that surrounds each moist nugget of chicken is so delicious you’ll think the pros made it. Great for entertaining, the process is hands on at the start but then the chicken spends most of the time in the slow cooker with a quick finish on the sauce. That leaves plenty of time available for socializing before dinner. We added apple juice to the sauce for a traditional nod to the bulgogi.

Play with your food!

Our recipe was adapted from Slow Cooker Orange Chicken by Patty Catalano.

Mix it up with any of your favorite flavors in the sauce and in the seasoning! We plan to try it again with Thai Seasoning.

Thai Seasoning


  1. Mark Wilhelm says:

    Please provide options for (A) Instant Pot and for (B) stovetop options.

    Many thanks for your response.

    • Sherrie says:

      While this recipe uses the stovetop to make it, it is adapted from a slow cooker recipe that we have a link for towards the bottom of the recipe. Since Instant Pots have a slow cooker option, you could use those instructions for this recipe. Since stoves are what most people have access to and use for their cooking, we primarily use that for our recipes. We do hope to have more Instant Pot (and slow cooker) recipes in the future.

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