Duck Confit Mole Tacos

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Duck Confit Mole Tacos? Yes, really!! This dish brings together two epic indulgences- duck confit and mole, and the result is a decadent taco that is simply over the top. Both dishes are pretty labor intensive so we figured why not? Go big or get out of the kitchen…this recipe is project cooking at it’s funnest.

First we cured duck legs in cumin, coriander, and orange to compliment the richness of the mole, and the meat ultimately came out juicy, tender, and caramelized to perfection. Confit is similar to carnitas in that the meat is immersed and cooked in lard, a great companion for mole and great in a taco. The duck legs need to cure in the refrigerator for two days before making the confit so it’s not a last minute or even 30 minute meal, but the result is worth the wait.

Then onward to the mole. Mole by itself is a labor of love, but our Mole Olé spice gives you a leg up there with pre-blended chilies, chocolate, sesame and more. The sauce has grilled vegetables and more chocolate added in too, for layers of blended flavor to blanket the meat.

For the finish, we rounded up all our favorite taco toppings and enjoyed the feast. Check out our video for an overview of this fun and fantastic decadent taco.

Get the Spice (Mole Olé)

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