Eggnog Chiffon Pie

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Eggnog Chiffon PieOne sure sign that winter has arrived is the appearance of eggnog in the grocery stores. We’re going to use that distinctive flavor here in this light and airy Eggnog Chiffon Pie, but we’ll also be giving it a subtle new make-over by substituting mace for the traditional nutmeg. This allows the mellow, earthier tones of the mace to shine through, tempered by a judicious touch of spirits. Typically, a chiffon pie gets it’s soft, pillowy texture from a combination of whipped cream, whipped raw egg whites and a cooked creme anglaise, or custard sauce, stabilized with a little gelatin. In the interest of food safety we’re opting to make a Swiss Meringue with the whites, which quickly cooks the eggs to a safe temperature before whipping them up. The crust includes more spices and ground pecans, providing a satisfying crumbly contrast to the smooth, creamy filling.

Note: The amount of filling here will fill 1- deep 9″ or shallow 10” pie. You can also use a regular shallow 9” pan, but you will have extra filling (yum!).

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