Fin & Feather Turkey

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Hands up if you’ve made a barbecue turkey? I’ve been cooking our holiday bird on the grill for years now and its finally time to share it! The routine varies a little from year to year, but the spice is always Fin & Feather BBQ Rub, it is always cooked outside, and it is always delicious. That’s the way traditions are made, and this one is worth keeping.

Barbecue Turkey

Fin & Feather is a delightful BBQ blend formulated for fish and poultry. It is bright and flavorful, with onion, marjoram and sage topping off the standard pepper, mild chiles and paprika. It makes the perfect centerpiece for a Thanksgiving feast, so bring on the sides…….
Fin Feather BBQ Rub

The first step in this preparation is brining the bird, and be sure to allow yourself plenty of time and space for that. Then once the bird is ready to cook, just fire up the grill. You can cook on a gas grill or over charcoal, but either way your oven is now free for all the other wonderful Thanksgiving fare without a traffic jam. Make an extra pie!

Maintaining even temperature and checking for doneness are two of the biggest challenges in cooking your turkey on the grill. Thankfully, there are many helpful articles, tools and how-to’s. The illustrations on this Weber article are wonderful for seeing the kettle grill setup, and the Big Green Egg site has many tips and forums as well. Grills and turkey sizes do vary so be sure to check the temperature of the turkey for safety. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Howard says:

    This recipe looks good as far as it goes. The cook left out internal temp of
    covered BBQ and distance from coals. Also, 165 degrees in thigh at removal
    may not rise to suggested 175 plus degrees for thigh at carving.

  2. Lee Mosher says:

    It was a Silk Road Thanksgiving Extravaganza at our home during 2016 Thanksgiving. We made this recipe and our turkey turned out perfect. Great flavor. Because there were only two of us, we purchased turkey breast at 6.8 lbs and cooked for 2 hours mailing the barbecue at 350 degrees.

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