Grandma’s Lemon Wedges

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You can never have too many lemon bar recipes, but this one is the only one that you need. This was my Grandma’s recipe, and the stains on the recipe card are a testament to how often it’s been made. Most lemon bars are made too sweet to cut the tartness of the lemon, but the addition of the glaze in this recipe balances out the sweet and tart lemon flavor perfectly. Sometimes I add poppy seeds to the shortbread crust or sprinkle sumac on top just for fun. These can be made in a square pan and cut into bars, but look pretty cut in wedges too. Make these and I’m sure that they will disappear as quickly as they always did in our home.


  1. Kay Douglas says:

    I’m curious: why does the lemon filling need baking powder? Can I substitute baking soda?

    • Jamie says:

      Sorry, that got put in the wrong spot. Thanks for catching it! The baking powder goes in the crust. Enjoy!

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