Popcorn Toppings

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The endless number of various toppings out there make popcorn one of the easiest and most versatile snacks I know. It’s my go-to snack not only for movies and Dr. Who marathons, but also ball games, potlucks and picnics. Everyone loves popcorn, and if you can bring yourself to cut down on the butter (I know I sure can’t) it can be a low calorie, high-fiber option for snacking.

Popcorn Toppings

Nothing beats a trip to the old ball yard for summertime fun, and here in Seattle we’re lucky to have Safeco Field, one of the nicest parks in the country. We’re also fortunate that on most nights you can get in for as little as ten bucks, but as everyone knows the real cost comes inside the park on the expensive food and drink. So to stretch my budget I like to make a big batch of popcorn, toss it with a few different popcorn toppings, put each batch in a paper bag and head down to watch King Felix and the gang. It was the perfect snack to watch the recent historical perfect game, and I even had enough money left over to celebrate with a cold adult beverage!

In the recipe below I’ll tell you about some of our favorite popcorn toppings, but these aren’t the only options by any means. We’re always discovering great new spice blends to use as popcorn toppings and would love to hear what your favorite is! Let us know in the comments below and it just may end up in my bag at the next big Mariners game, Go M’s!

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  1. tej says:

    My favorites on popcorn include your harissa, chimichurri, and chorizo bomb. I’ll have to try the Bar-H!

    • Sherrie says:

      Our salt-free Ranch Seasoning is also popular for popcorn, as is Rooster Spice (like putting a dry version of Sriracha on your popcorn!), Truffle Salt and both Togarashi & Osaka Seasoned Salt. Frankly, we love any excuse to eat popcorn!

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