Shrimp Fajitas

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Few dishes make an entrance quite like fajitas. Their loud sizzle and wafting steam is mouth watering and a crowd favorite. For a quick and easy meal, we seasoned shrimp with some of our Fajita & Taco Spice. This blend has taco staples like cumin, paprika, onion, garlic and black pepper. Not surprisingly, this blend has consistently been one of our best sellers for decades. What makes our Fajita & Taco Spice special compared to the standard store-bought packet is that it is salt and preservative free. We grind it fresh, keeping the flavor and brightness of the tomato and guajillo chile.

Colorful bell pepper, sweet yellow onion, and juicy gulf shrimp make for fantastic fajitas. Now, treat yourself to taco night because you earned this!

Looking for a good salsa to go with this meal? We made an awesome Aji Mirasol Salsa. Also, check out our Mexican Street Corn Salad for a great side dish. Cheers!

Get the Spice (Fajita & Taco Spice)

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