Buffalo Totchos

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In the realm of culinary fusion, which can admittedly be hit or miss, “totchos” are a stroke of pure pub-fare genius. Universally beloved- the combination of tater tots and nachos are proof positive that good things can be made even better. So we thought we’d see just how far we could take it with a couple of beloved spice flavors. Yes, Buffalo Spice on chicken and fresh Ranch dressing for the drizzle and dunk.

Buffalo Spice

A pointed punch of cayenne combined with tangy apple cider vinegar powder brings the signature Buffalo flavor to any sauce or dish. Here we transformed chicken into a flavorful topping for Buffalo Totchos. Layered with Monterey Jack and blue cheese crumbles and finished with sliced scallions, chopped jalapeño and cherry tomatoes, these hearty totchos are full of flavor and bring more than a snack to the table, it’s a meal! Keep a bag of tots and a jar of Buffalo Spice on hand and you’ll always be ready to whip up this delicious dish. Add crunchy veggies on the side and mix up the toppings with all your favorites.

For the finishing touch, a little house made Ranch goes a long way toward making these the best totchos ever. The spice flavors bloom in the buttermilk and since our Ranch Seasoning is salt-free you can customize it to suit your taste. Keep some on hand…Salad Days are ahead!

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