Chinese Five Spice Plum Sauce

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PlumsWhen life gives you plums, make plum sauce! And plum cardamom bread, but that’s another story. Plum sauce is a traditional complement for grilled meats in Asian cuisine and is a wonderful pairing with duck, pork, chicken or salmon. It is easy to make and is an ideal way to preserve a bumper crop of plums. This sauce is delightfully complex and balances all the flavors on the palate. The sweet plums are paired with Chinese Five Spice, onions, garlic and shallots with a kick of ginger to round it out. One batch yields several pints so be ready to can it or freeze it to have on hand year round and there will still be plenty left over to gift some. We took our inspiration from Hank Shaw at Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook and really appreciated the time saving tip of freezing the plums to make them easier to pit. It was a breeze!

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  1. Nodo says:

    “chile bean paste” (sic) ? What is this and where do you get it? Do you have a substitute?

    • Jamie says:

      Most Asian sections of grocery stores carry a fermented bean paste, sometimes with garlic, sometimes with chile. If you can’t find it, hoisin sauce is commonly available, so you could substitute that.

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