Creole Sausage and Shrimp Jambalaya

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Many cuisines have a meat and rice dish in their repertoire, and Jambalaya is the Deep South’s version. This dish doesn’t take all that long to cook, making it a delicious one pan meal. The rice absorbs all of the flavors from the Andouille sausage, garlic, shrimp and the “holy trinity” of Creole cooking – bell pepper, celery and onion. Adding our Creole Spice doubles down on the flavor with a base of paprika, thyme, oregano and cayenne, giving the dish a solid kick of heat. This is a great choice for a week night dinner for two — or double it in a paella pan for a celebration. 

Minimize your dishes and reuse the pan where the andouille sausages were cooked. All of the brown bits and butter left in the pan will be extra flavor added to the jambalaya.

If you love this one pot meal, play with this recipe and swap out the Creole Spice with  Cuban Spice for a Latin spin. Its mixture of garlic, oregano and citrus will be savory with a Caribbean flair. If you’re adventurous we suggest our Berbere, an African blend traditionally used for stews. Once married with the tomato sauce, it will be fragrant of coriander, ginger and cumin, pairing well with the sausage and shrimp.

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