Cuban Picadillo

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Cuban Picadillo

Picadillo is a Latin comfort food with many regional variations. Every country has their own version, but ground meat, olives, capers, and raisins are all staples of the dish. Picadillo can be served as a standalone, stuffed inside savory pastries, or even be used as filling for tacos.

We used our Cuban Spice as the principal seasoning in this picadillo, alongside white wine and olive oil in the traditional style. Cuban cuisine typically sees the dish served alongside black beans and rice. This recipe keeps the overall heat level low, so the dish is family friendly while still full of bold flavors.

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  1. Audie Guidi says:

    Just like my mama’s recipe, except she made her own spice mix, added a lot more garlic, regular raisins and she was not a fan of cilantro. I’m!, I also use this recipe when I make empanadas.
    Thank you, this recipe took me back to happier days.
    Aracelia (Audie/Ary Reyes Guidi

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