Hawaij Chicken Stew

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Often, we crave something warm and filling but don’t want to feel so heavy afterwards. This is the stew we’re looking for! It’s light, but hearty with flavor and is the perfect cozy meal for a cold, grey winter day. It’s seasoned with Hawaij, a Yemeni all-purpose seasoning made of black pepper, turmeric, cardamom, cumin, saffron and caraway. This blend is earthy and slightly dyes the broth to a pale, golden yellow. I found this stew made great left overs for an easy weeknight meal, too. Once reheated the broth will slightly thicken from the starchy potatoes and sweet potatoes. For added warmth we added our smoked cinnamon sticks and an orange, which added a touch of sweetness that’ll perfume your bowl perfectly. 

Hawaij is another one of those hidden gem spices. It’s so versatile… It can be used as a rub, in a dip, to season rice, as a sauce seasoning — you name it! Check it out below.

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