Italian Herb Quinoa Tart

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We love quiche but it’s a bit of a commitment, so for a quick and easy alternative to fill the quiche niche, we created this tart. It has all of the brunch flavors you crave, but instead of making a classic custard we folded together cooked quinoa, eggs and fresh ricotta salata for a luscious base. Easy! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, ricotta salata is ricotta that has been salted, pressed and aged giving it a crumbly squeaky texture. Combined with spring vegetables and a classic seasoning of Italian Herbs, this tart will be your new versatile brunch favorite. Caramelized leeks and sweet peppers were our first choice, but add in your favorite vegetables in any season.

In an effort to create fewer dishes to wash, we used a 10″ non-stick sauté pan to cook the leeks and bake the tart. You may also use a tart pan and a little non-stick spray, for an easy release. This tart is gluten-free and crustless. Once cooked the edges of the tart will pull away and get crispy.

Italian Herbs isn’t the only blend that would be great in this recipe. If you love the flavor of fennel and like a little bit of heat, try using Italian Sausage Mix instead. For more of an eastern Mediterranean twist, use El Greco in this tart. The Greek flavors work well with all of the ingredients in this recipe.


  1. Vindi kaur says:

    Hi Jamie I luv this recipe. Will bake it tomorrow
    Great mix of healthy ingredients I luv it’s GF option
    Would luv to contribute a recipe or two. I am trained experienced Nutritionist, herbalist also writing a book on nutrition.
    Let me know your thoughts please
    Vindi kaur

  2. Kay Douglas says:

    When are the 4 eggs added?

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