Seafood Boil

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Rustic and decadent, seafood boils are meant to be shared. The delicious mounds of shellfish, veggies and more bring folks together for a fabulously messy feast. This meal will have you excited to get your hands dirty!

A hidden perk of this awesome meal is how little prep time is involved. Simply cut your corn, onion, and garlic, and you’re ready to start! The key to such a simple dish is all in the timing. Exactly how you stagger the ingredients as you add them to a broth seasoned with our Classic Crab is what will make or break the dish.

Once everything is cooked, lay out your feast on a picnic table and enjoy alongside some spiced butter. You can substitute almost any spice blend to suit your tastes, but for this recipe we’ve selected an an array that will please anyone. Butter with Garlic Salt is ideal for those who prefers something mild, while anyone our Cajun Black offers a more tangy, spicy kick.

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